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Our models, Classic, Light, Carbon-Kev and Rawhide share the following features:

The hand laminated fiberglass tree® is the foundation of our saddles. Strong, durable and, above all, very light in weight. It is not affected by heat, cold or moisture and it will maintain its shape over the years.

Our exclusive design is hand-crafted in Fiberglass (Standard Tree®) or in Carbon Fiber & Kevlar® (Carbon-Kev Tree®)

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The bars are made of a soft 40 mm injection-molded polyurethane foam, providing great cushioning to the horse's back. It also ensures a high thermal-resistance rating. The horse´s back has a change of angle that occurs gradually from the shoulder to the rib-cage. Our saddle properly fits the shape of the rib cage and accounts for that change of angle. The saddle places even pressure along the horse’s back.

Pampa Saddles´ seat is well-known for its comfort and fit. Fully padded with two different superior quality materials: 10 mm. white rubber and 20 mm. polyethylene foam injected in thin layers to provide the rigidity needed to resist deformation. The saddle seat is broader at the rear and slightly narrower at the front as to allow the rider to have a comfortable position for the legs. No seams in contact with the rider's legs is another special feature that differentiates our saddles.

The leather saddles are composed by three parts, two skirts and seat, made in different types of leather according to each model. Our exclusive assembly system through “inserts”® allows to attach these parts to the tree® with stainless steel screws. This offers the rider the chance to easily change any worn out or damaged part. (available for the Classic, Light and Rawhide models)
A single rigging pulls from the center of the seat. A one-piece girth tie strap passes over the tree. When girthed up, the girth is positioned at 20 cm. behind the elbow.

Slots in the tree® structure allow the stirrup straps to lay flat and lessen the bulk under the rider's legs. Their position allows a centered riding position. The length is adjusted with quick-change buckles.

Both stirrup and girth straps can be ordered either in BioThane® or leather.

All our saddles include the girth.

All fittings and buckles are in stainless steel

Stirrup Stirrup Side Detail (classic saddle) Side Detail (classic saddle)



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