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Co-designed with international rider Pio Olascoaga, our latest development, the Pio Design, is a new step on our path of continuous improvement and technological progress.

The tree® is a hand-made Carbon Fiber structure where fiber layers are oriented considering the areas of the tree that demand more elasticity and those that need to be strong. This compound has well known properties, lightweight and amazing strength.

This model features a hole along the middle of the seat and a special device in the pommel allows the rider to fasten the GPS.
Stirrups and girth straps are made in Biothane® while the bars are made of injected polyurethane foam. 

1.700Kg / 3.74 lbs

White White White White White

Carbon fiber tree, PVC seat  and BioThane®
    Girth Strap:

Stirrup Strap:

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