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Carbon Fiber and Kevlar Tree.
The perfect combination of rigid and flexible fibers.

Our work team is acknowledged for being constantly investigating new materials and technologies. We believe that the persistent investigation will lead us to develop new, original, high technology products.
Pampa Saddles is proud to present the new tree® that combines Carbon Fiber and Kevlar!

This tree keeps the same design of our fiberglass tree, but now made in new materials.

The combination of these new fibers provides both flexibility and rigidity where needed, resulting in a light, flexible yet strong tree.

Some of the main properties of carbon fiber are its high mechanical resistance, and low density. This is an expensive material due to its production process, which is very extensive.

This fiber is used in industries such as aeronautics and nautical. This material is also used in laptops, fishing rods due to its mechanical properties and lightness.

Kevlar is used in: bullet proof vests; motor jets; protection for passengers in case of explosion; sporting articles (kayaks, skis, helmets etc).


Endurance Helmets.
An endurance helmet made in Kevlar or Carbon Fiber.

We are working in the design of a helmet thought for endurance (for example it will have a night vision lamp).

In most helmets the protection is given by the expandible polystyrene. Instead, we believe that a strong and light structure -made in Kevlar or Carbon Fiber- will ensure a better protection. In addition to this, the helmet will count with the usual protection made in expandible polystyrene.

This way, the Pampa helmet will be a super safe helmet exclusively prepared for endurance. Its design is based on Pampa Saddles main premise: comfort, safety and lightness.



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